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Better by Design

Avi-Smart is proud to be British. With what we consider, to be one of the most advanced and evolving avian product ranges available both in the UK and worldwide. We pride ourselves at taking the mystery, fear and confusion out of avian supplements and have a long product road map ahead to ensure we continue to bring innovation and value to the fancier.

All of our products are born from frustration the what if? moments when you ask yourself if you're doing the right thing or if there is a better way. We're proud to say that indeed there is a better way. Avi-Smart not only takes an inside out approach to its product range and retains a chemist, zoologist and established bird breeders for product development and trials. That way we earn our 'Better by Design' tag with pride.

Avi-smart uses niche British manufacturers to ensure that our production facilities are of the highest standard, registered with Defra where appropriate and that the supply chain passes audit to ISO and corporate standards. We insist that all products we use must be human grade from base seeds, through to essential oils and in our wipe range, dermatological grade.

We are proud to be innovators, but this doesn't come at the expense of quality or cost. We are aware you have a choice, we appreciate your business and will always strive to be 'Better by Design'.