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Breed Plus "Super Oats"

Breed Plus "Super Oats"

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Traditional Hulled oats and groats that have been enriched with essential oils to provide Vitamins A,B,C,D,E,K. to activate this they are then coated with the unique mix of 30 different ingredients within Breed Plus to allow the bird to unlock the goodness and not pass through. Thus boosting the immune system, unlocking the conversion of vitamins, carbohydrates and key amino acids and help get the birds into condition and sustain the breeding cocks and hens.

Ideal as a treat in the run up to the breeding and during the show season to boost condition. Essential as part of your daily routine and soft food mix in the breeding season. 

Can be mixed 20% in a daily dry seed mix or combined with 100% by weight of dry oats and left overnight as an oat based daily treat. Feed at full concentrate in the breeding season in finger feeders.

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