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Calci Plus Pro - vaccine quality Calcium

Calci Plus Pro - vaccine quality Calcium

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Avi-Smart Calci Plus Pro is an advanced vaccine quality liquid calcium supplement for all birds with added compounds to help feather formation.

Designed without compromise to improve bone & feather formation, extend the egg production cycle in laying hens and fortified with Magnesium, and Vitamin D3- the addition of Avi-Smart X  to additionally replenish the nutrients lost by rearing parents.

Its an essential part of your everyday program to avoid egg bound hens, deformities such as rickets, improve egg quality and ensure the skeletal quality in chicks and adults.

Essential if your existing management program does not include a balanced fresh fruit and vegetable element or if you breed species prone to egg binding that may well (under veterinarian supervision) require a crop fed supplement as a preventative.


Active Ingredients

Calcium (as Calcium Gluconate),Magnesium (as Magnesium sulphate), Vitamin D3, Avi-Smart X.


Directions of Use

Water additive:

Use as a sole water source during treatment. Change daily. Shake before use.

3 days a week

Normal conditions 5ml (teaspoon) per litre of water.

Breeding season, rearing and times of stress 10ml per litre

Soft food additive; 5ml per 250ml (Cupfull) of softfood

Supervised Vetenarian direct dose for egg binding and calcium paralysis: 0.2ml per 100g (4oz) bodyweight

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