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Finch Breeding Pack

Finch Breeding Pack

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A pack deigned to give you everything you need to start the season with success.

1kg Breed plus pro Finch for the finger draws for when you pair up to get them in condition

1kg 'D Mite to put in the concave's to keep mite away

1kg Ultimate eggfood for when the chicks are about to hatch

1kg Pro Grit addative to turn your regular grit into a fortified grit

50g Calci Plus powdered calcium- enough to make 3ltrs of a weekly supplement

250g Breed plus Feather support- Amino rich multi vitamin to help chicks on weaning and molting

100ml Calci Plus Pro- liquid calcium for direct feeding into crops 

2g Bio Plus Pro- probiotic with glucose and D3 which makes 2lts 

as used by the worlds top breeders who demand results

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