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Homeopathic Breed Plus Pro - Lemon Eucalyptus

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Avi-Smart Breed Plus Pro is an advanced homogeneous blend of cereals, seeds, pulses, herbs and other feed components fortified with food grade oils, blended with minerals, vitamins, iodine rich seaweed and vegetable charcoal. The homeopathic Lemon Eucalyptus has been designed in support of homeopathic treatments so your birds gain the benefits of both during treatment.


Designed to be the superior conditioning and rearing feed naturally rich in the essential elements needed to promote maximum potential in your birds, maintain fertility and safeguard the immune system in feeding parents. Full of natural carbohydrates, proteins, minerals, vitamins, oils, fats, amino acids and folic acid to optimise the breeding season and nourish your birds from the inside out


Directions of Use

Feed either directly in finger draws or mixed with existing dry seed or daily as part of a soft food enhancer. 


Naked oats ,butchers rusk, chick crumb, micronized vegetables, sunflower hearts, Avi-Smart Breed Plus (inc 30 plus compounds), linseed, yeast, mixed herbs inc oregano, cod liver oil, wheatgerm oil, aniseed oil, molasses, smg, seaweed, vegetable charcoal.

Full of Natural Carbohydrates, Minerals, Vitamins, Oils, fats, amino acids and folic acid to optimise the breeding season and boost the immune system.

Full specification sheet available


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