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'D Mite - Mite deterrent powder, safe and HSE approved

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Avi-Smart's 'D Mite is an advanced HSE approved Mite repellent (HSE No. 8749). Safe to use as a substrate additive to nest boxes, cages, dust baths and as a loft powder. Can also be  added to the sand in the bottom of domestic cages for general well being and its natural aroma. Packaged in handy 250g shakers.

Designed over a 6 year period Avi-Smart 'D Mites' unique formula also contains calcium, iron and essential oils as strategic ingredients to not only deter Mites but also reduce stress and aid recovery in birds affected by a Mite strike. Its underlying delivery agent is harmless for birds to eat, designed to reduce internal parasites and to restore the haemoglobin production following anaemia.

It is HSE approved with no nasty or carcinogenic additives.

Pour from the shaker as required into next boxes (2tsp per box) before substrate, Mix with substrate or top up between rounds or when the hen is sitting. Does not affect fertility and can settle fidgety hens. Sprinkle into cage bottoms/flights as required and also safe to use as a dust bath.


The Components within 'D Mite are also available in 'D Mite Wipe, the only dual texture wipe available to assist you in your weekly anti-mite program


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